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Trading Office in China and Germany
Industrial & Mechanical Equipment
Mechanical & Electrical

Pinion group in order to provide engineering services, consulting and selling mechanical and electrical parts has established in 2013. Pinion, with utilizing some experienced mechanical and electrical engineers graduated from the best universities in Iran, could pass a difficult way of growing and development for helping industries and engineers and also advancing science in the country.

"If no one else can get it "WE CAN
کاسه نمد

Selling mechanical and electrical industrial parts

Supplying industrial parts in two fields of mechanical and electrical engineering is a requirement of the different industries all over the world. Pinion technical group, with giving expert consultation and providing online ordering system of industrial parts, makes easy and simple buying these parts.

Manufacturing mechanical parts and industrial equipment

Pinion group with having experienced engineers, craftsman and experts, is working in the field of consulting, designing and manufacturing of industrial machines and equipment.

Our abilities:

  • Manufacturing technological and science-based products
  • Producing mechanical parts and gears through, Casting, Machining, Precision Forging
Industrial trading with China and Germany

Technical and trading experts of Pinion trading group, with knowledge of export and import technics, tariff and clearance cost in the field of industrial machine and equipment, providing all types of services to industries owners, industrial workshops, and science-based companies.



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