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faarzh-hansen دفتر اصفهان : ۳۲۳۷۲۵۵۰-۰۳۱ دفتر تهران : ۶۶۰۸۳۰۷۹-۰۲۱ ۸:۰۰-۱۸:۰۰
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About us

About Us


+98 3132372550

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+98 9210154945

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Pinion Trading and Engineering group


Pinion group in order to provide engineering services, consulting and selling mechanical and electrical parts has established in 2013. Pinion, with utilizing some experienced mechanical and electrical engineers graduated from the best universities in Iran, could pass a difficult way of growing and development for helping industries and engineers and also advancing science in the country.

All the times, one of the goals of pinion group in accordance with the most advanced technologies in the world based on the recognition of customer requirements is giving services around the country. Now, this company is working in these three fields: Manufacturing, Selling and Consulting.

What we do in Pinion group:

  • Consulting in field of mechanical and Electrical design and manufacturing
  • Designing and working with CAD/CAM software (Mechanical and Electrical Drawing Services, Mechanical Structural Analysis, Vibration Analysis, Fluid Mechanic Analysis and Dynamic Analysis)
  • Manufacturing Metal and Composite parts
  • Manufacturing Automation systems and Laboratories Equipment

Pinion believes that heartfelt work and sense of responsibility will have resulted successfully for the group, then it’s hoped that with use of our experience and expertise, it’s resulted in taking advantage of our attempts.


Pinion.ir is the first official Iranians website in field of engineering consulting and selling industrial components.


After-sales service:

  • Installation and running some industrial components.
  • Supply of spare parts for 5 years.
  • Specialist advice for maintaining and using equipment and components in order to have a long working life.
  • Continuous communication with customers for increasing their satisfaction.



Address: 2nd floor, Atrak building, before 77th alley, between Jahad and Kohandezh intersection, kharazi highway, Isfahan, Iran